Friday, 25 July 2014

Superman in 'Kryptoman 2013 - Scene 2' Now Available at the SD Clips4Sale Store

Hi all, so finally the first couple of videos are here.  Plenty more video on there way over the coming weeks so keep checking in.

Superman in 'Kryptoman 2013 - Scene 2'

Just a few notes...
  • Superman gets to show his skills*... well, for the first 3 mins minutes at least.   After that Kryptoman recovers his powers and it is down hill for the Man of Steel after that.
  • Features more groin and butt fondling as the sexual depravity increases.  The scenes typically get more depraved each release.
  • Featuring more special effects than previously.
  • The next video is almost completed so at least one more release due next week.
*This is something that I, and others in the comments, have talked about SD needing to do more of before the hero's eventual decline.


    Sunday, 20 July 2014

    Comments & Pseudonyms

    A big thanks to all the kind and informative comments.  It certainly helps motivate and guide me.

    What would I would recommend is that anonymous commenters, who frequently comment, simply create and add a pseudonym/screenname at the end of the post (just written in the body of the text so no signing up for an account necessary).  It can be as simple as some initials.  This would then make it easy for the rest of us to identify comments from the same anonymous commenter.

    Please note that comments are moderated to avoid spamming so it may be a while before they appear on the blog.  I may not initially read them in detail but scan them for appropriateness.  I've been surprised by how nice and encouraging all commenters have been so far whilst doing this blog.  I guess if you hate what I do you won't stick around lol  win win.

    With regards to the Yahoo group, I prefer to try an minimise its use for conversations to avoid spamming those who have signed up.  It is effectively a mailing list for SD News and SD material release info.  Messages are moderated too so they can get read by me but not shared.  This is not a judgement on the post itself which can still be appreciated.

    Wednesday, 16 July 2014

    An Openly Gay Superhero

    One custom superhero I've considered doing is a openly gay superhero who, apart from fighting regualar crime and dangers, also fights injustice against the gay community.  He would be a kind of pink superman with a slight campness to him.  This would not be comical like so many superhero parodies.

    His nemisis would be a fascist who would habour homsexual lusts for the hero but his denial manifests itself in his desire to torment and sexually abuse.  Claiming he is punishing the hero for his perverted ways.  Sadly I think some real-life gay-bashing can have similar motivations :/

    A quick google for an openly gays superhero revealed this character, the Gay Crusauder. 


    Give him a cape and some more contrasting colored outerwear (possibly boots and gloves too) and he is prefert... or should I say 'fabulous'.

    The key would be to make it so that he doesn't become a joke character. 

    With the right buff camp guy I would happily play the villain to this gay hero.  Please send in your resumes lol

    PS My gay side is generally more attracteded to camp gay men.  My analysis is that, ironically, it appeals to my hetro side and interest in more feminine behaviour. Also, it possibly makes me feel more confident that they are gay :/ like putting their erect dick in my mouth and cumming is not enough lol.  Once again I can't quite put my finger on it by hey, I'll enjoy it anyway.

    PPS If you wonder why I talk alot about what I like in posts it is partly because I enjoy talking about my deeper desires but mainly because it helps you workout my motivations for SD material and what kind of things I prefer to make.

    Monday, 14 July 2014

    Mystery Cosplayer Named

    In the SD News for July 2014 I used this picture to discuss hot lighting for lycra covered superhero muscles...

    Soon after posting this I became aware it had been shared a few times (thanks for the accreditation for posting by the sharers, I should have done the same but cannot remember where I got it from originally).  In the comments I saw someone named the guy as 'Jonathan Carroll'*.  A google search confirmed this.  He appears to be a body builder who is well in to his superhero cosplay.  There is a ton of his superman images floating about the internet of which many I had seen but not realise it was the same guy.

    The above image I cropped the face out of what I thought to be a random cosplaying individual.  However given the ubiquitous nature of the images, this being a small time blog and the potential to create new fans for his cosplay efforts I'm guess it'll be ok to post them here.

    Here is the uncropped image from above...

    Here are a whole lot more...

    Here is a visually enhanced wallpaper...

    His brother, Danny Kelley, also has many Superman cosplay images on the net.  Not sure if this mock comic cover has been enhanced but to see abs through the lycra like this is hot.

    This one would make for a hot video scene as the face hugger sucks the life out of Superman...

    Both appear to be heterosexual men whose partners are also role fanatics (Kelley's wife is Supergirl in above image) which may only serve to disappoint followers of this blog.

    Both have interviews out there where they talk about their love of cosplay and body building.  They're worth googling and checking out if it is a passion of yours.

    Finally, here is a brief video of Jonathan in action...

    * I'm guessing Jonathan Carroll is a pseudonym given it appears to be the name of Louis Lane's Boyfriend in some issue(s).  I was never in to comics hence my ignorance on this matter.

    Friday, 11 July 2014

    Two New Videos Finally Posted at the SD Clips4Sale Store

    Hi all, so finally the first couple of videos are here.  Plenty more video on there way over the coming weeks so keep checking in.

    Superman in 'Kryptoman 2013 - Scene 1'

    Superman in 'Kryptoman 2014 - Scene A'

    Just a few notes...
    • Both involve Kryptoman however they are from two separate shoots that were over a year apart.  That is why there is 2013 and 2014 in the titles.
    • Kryptoman has no glow in the 2014.  The effect doesn't work on the low light and multiple colored environment we had for that shoot. I'm proud of the glow that was achieved for the 2013 shoot. 
    • For the 2013 shoot their is kind of a sequence to the scene hence the numbering but they're not really filmed with much regard for previous scenes.  The 2014 shoot was comprised of scenes on different bondage devices hence not sequential in anyway hence the letter labelling.
    • To speed things up and get the videos I have not yet written the description or added the usual info but will do so in due course.
    • The 2013 shoot scenes do get more sexual and degraded (try to start mild and the descend so to speak lol).  The earlier scenes do have some groin bulge grabbing but are predominantly fighting/wrestling.